DVCA Senior Semi Finals

Tuesday March 5, 2019

Senior Semi Finals will be played this week over the Labour Day weekend. All games will be played on Saturday and Sunday with Monday 11 March the reserve day in case weather intervenes.

Barclay Shield

Diamond Creek v Epping @ Coventry Oval

Rosanna v Macleod @ DeWinton Park

Money Shield

Heidelberg v Banyule @ Warringal Park

Eltham v Lower Plenty @ Eltham Central Park

Mash Shield

Research Eltham Collegians v Panton Hill @ Eltham College #1

Hurstbridge v Laurimar @ Ben Frilay Oval

B Grade

Diamond Creek v Riverside @ Marngrook Oval

Montmorency v Rosanna @ Montmorency Park

C Grade

Lalor Stars v North Eltham Wanderers @ WA Smith Reserve #1

Heidelberg v Eltham @ Banyule Flats Reserve South

D Grade

Lower Plenty v Riverside @ Lower Plenty Park

Research Eltham Collegians v Banyule @ Research Park

E Grade

Montmorency v Laurimar @ Central Park Greensborough

Banyule v Riverside @ Beverley Road Reserve #1

F1 Grade

Eltham v Diamond Creek @ Susan Street Reserve

Old Paradians v South Morang @ Garvey Oval

F2 Grade

Lalor Stars v Lower Plenty @ WA Smith Reserve #2

Lower Eltham v Mill Park @ Eltham Lower Park

F3 Grade

Epping v Banyule @ Epping Recreation Reserve #2

Bundoora United v Diamond Creek @ Telfer Reserve

G1 Grade

Research Eltham Collegians v Lalor Stars @ AE Cracknell Reserve

Laurimar v Montmorency @ Laurimar Town Park #2

G2 Grade

Laurimar Black v Diamond Creek @ Laurimar Town Park #1

Laurimar Teal v Epping @ Waterview Reserve #1

G3 Grade

Plenty v Hurstbridge @ Plenty Park

Research Eltham Collegians Maroon v Eltham @ Eltham College #2

G4 Grade

Rosanna v Bundoora @ Shelley Park

Banyule v Old Paradians @ Beverley Road Reserve #2