2017/18 Rule Change: S16 - Over limits for young bowlers

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

At the DVCA AGM there was one rule change voted in for this season, as such Rule S16 now reads as follows:

Bowlers, regardless of their pace, are limited to the following overs:

Per Day: 24 overs (U18); 20 overs (U16); 16 overs (U14)

Bowlers (excluding spin bowlers playing in Grades E and above) are limited to the following overs per spell:

Per Spell: 8 overs (U18); 5 overs (U16); 5 overs (U14)

Note: The spin bowler exception in relation to overs per spell will apply in all Grades during finals.

In this Rule, age limits are determined by the player’s age on that day.