DVCA U18 Boys Phil Arnold Shield (Turf)

Aidan Asdagi

Will Brennan

Will Buckingham

Harry Downes

Thomas Downes

Vihunga Fernando

Ananya Goswami

Oisin Irvine

Anurag Joshi

Gurnaz Khartra

Ayush Simon

Kai Turner

Noah Willis

DVCA U16 Boys Jim Beitzel Shield (Turf)

Jack Atkinson

Thomas Bourke

Miles Coates

Alex Cole

Digvijay Divijay

Manav Kumar

Tarkin Kunelius

Matthew Pantalone

Tayn Poulsen

Liam Rowley

Naman Sharma

Seyon Uruththiran

Ashley Ward

DVCA U14 Boys Russell Allen Shield

Josh Alonso

Tom Boland

George Crea

Ryan Commandeur

Earl Dicesare

Isaac Dugdale

Joshua Hempel

Jake Lee

Ned Nihill

Aryan Sharma

Alvin Simon

Gurbir Singh

Angus Smith

DVCA U12 Boys Keith Mitchell Shield

Jacob Davidson

Abdulraheem Ehtsham

Urvish Jagia

Lisath Kandage

Dylan Keating

Riley Keating

Rupptaz Kharoud

Jack Laing

Aarav Laxman

Alexander Lyngcoln

Ryder McMurray

Ahmed Raza

Vanshjot Sandhu

DVCA U16 Girls Mel Jones Shield

Abby Buckley

Rebecca Bowen

Ellie Cam

Ocea Goeby

Emma Hallissey

Rachel Hegarty

Anusha Joshi

Katie Lamb

Emma Morgan

Prabhleen Sandhu

Navleen Sandhu

Annika Turner

DVCA U14 Girls Julie Savage Shield

Alicia Deans

Paige Deans-Jenkins

Ilse Dunnell

Charlotte Matthews

Zoe Rowley

Issy Rutherford

Mikayla Sekhon

Hannah Waters

Clementine Whittley

DVCA U12 Girls Claudia Fatone Shield

Jessica Aquilina

Aisha Bohan

Bailee Bowden

Freyja Crummins -Craw

Dakota Edmonds

Maddi Hoyle

Keira Knight

Taya McMaster-Smith

Kate Moody


Before the COVID Lockdown situation, the Winter Representative Program had been running for 2 of the 8 weeks which saw all participants who enrolled in the program the opportunity to attend at least one session. In a normal year, it is run as an intensive 4 weeks straight with 128 participants, however due to COVID restrictions this year, the program contained less numbers per group (12) but over a 2 week rotation for a period of 8 weeks. The program is designed to provide an opportunity for boys and girls with elite coaching opportunities during the off season. As it stands we are hoping to run the remaining 6 sessions once lockdown restrictions are lifted.

For more information on the program, please contact DVCA Representative Coordinator, Brett Cole.


During the January period, the DVCA had 115 players from multiple DVCA clubs compete in the VMCU Carnival.

This consisted of 7 teams of boys U12 x2, U14 x2, U16 x2, & U18 team. The girls for the first time competed in the U16 competition and our U12 and U14’s were represented again. 

From our 10 teams, we had 3 finalists, both boys U18 and U14 Nolan teams being defeated in SF and our boys U12 Mitchell team made it to the QF.

All teams had at least 2 wins during their preliminary games, the best for our boys were our U14 Nolan team with 4 wins out of 5 ending up on top and our boys U18 Arnold also 4 out 5 wins ending 4th. All our girl teams U16 Jones, U14 Savage and U12 Fantone had 2 out 3 wins ending up just out of finals by percentage!


Placings after Preliminary Rounds

U18 Arnold = 4th of 11

U16 Beitzel = 9th of 12

U16 Mackay = 7th of 10

U14 Allen = 9th of 12

U14 Nolan = 1st of 13

U12 Mitchell = 7th of 12

U12 Browne = 10th of 13

U16 Jones = 5th of 9

U14 Savage = 6th of 13

U12 Fantone = 5th of 10